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@Webs service outline

Mass [ 100MB of ] homepage service and
the mail account of 10 are annual Year \12,600~ yen (Including tax)
(CGI/Perl/PHP4/SSI/SSL use is possible) by the set.

Mass [ 100MB of ] homepage service
(original CGI/Perl/PHP4 / SSI/SSL use is possible) account/

index.html, index.htm, index.shtml, index.txt, index.cgi,, index.php index.php3 index.php4 index.swf, and index.pdf can be used as an index file. Use of an original domain or the domain acquired with DDNS service also corresponds as an option.

POP3 / SMTP mail service
10 mail addresses of a margin

With 10 mail accounts (with no present Mail restrictions)
E-mail virus scan service (user no charge)
Protection, and restoration and quarantine of an infection E-mail message are tried for a user from various viruses at the time of E-mail transmission and reception.

Capacity restriction nothing, however the longest term which can put a message copy on a server are made into one month.

With website management manager service (user no charge)
By the website management manager function, change of a user's pro FURU or various setup is possible.

You need to become a Web master and please manage your website.

About a website management manager
Password change, password automatic issue, mail account creation, a password setup, an additional option mail account and a password setup, mail user management, It telephone-number-changes and pays. address change -- with change of various pro FURU, such as a change application, an annulment-of-a-contract application, an additional option application, and site information change It has all the functions for remaining with a file transfer, file name change, file movement, creation of a directory, change and deletion and a file, and a site display and site use capacity, and users, such as a display of the capacity which can be used, managing a website.


With [ various ] a CGI function (user no charge)

From a manager function, even if the knowledge of CGI does not have access counter, clock, calendar and refix date display / file size display etc., it can install easily with the feeling which sticks a picture. Now, 90 or more kinds of picture types can be used.
counter Virus check (user no charge)

Safe virus check service A virus check is automatically performed also about transmitting mail as well as safe virus check service reception mail. Protection, a worm/Trojan horse, etc. are deleted also from macro virus, NIMUDA, a BADDO transformer, and the newest compounded type virus called KUREZU. When a new virus is discovered, the newest virus information is taken in automatically. The restoration or extermination of virus infection at the time of E-mail transmission and reception is tried. Those of SPAM mail transmission (troublesome mail) with prevention functional. In addition, virus scan service of a homepage is also carried out. When a homepage also discovers a virus, restoration or extermination is tried. The virus written with the script is supervised and it prevents infecting a computer with a virus. (A Java applet and ActiveX control are included) All are confirmed and a computer is protected from the virus through the Internet. * However, it is virus software. It is dependent on the virus correspondence situation of Symantec.

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