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@Webs-e Hosting service Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

privacy policy @Webs-e Hosting service privacy policy

Webs-e Hosting service does not share with a third person a visitor's (henceforth a user) personal information offered in relation to the service offered by our company, without obtaining a user's consent.
The contractor and service which carry out business by vicarious execution of Webs-e Hosting service for a third person and which can access personal information A vender is included. These third persons are on a contract.
It is necessary to follow the privacy policy and the secret maintenance contract of Webs-e Hosting service. They are the reasons of a court command or law should. Webs-e Hosting service offers personal information according to the command of law the case where Webs-e Hosting service is asked for disclosure of personal information. Webs-e Hosting service is a credit after admission among member procedure, and purchase.
Security is offered by a user's selection to personal information including the detailed information on a card.
The contents of security are as follows. User From a Web browser Use of connection with security with Webs-e Hosting service.
Credit Use of the encryption about personal information, such as a card number, and a password, a user name. Data of the database with which a user's credit card number is stored Security.
Security control which restricts access to the database with which the information which an individual can specify is stored.
The employee who carries out business of Webs-e Hosting service, a contractor, and service He understands a vender and the secret maintenance plan of Webs-e Hosting service, and a duty of the signature to the consent document which described the purport to observe is imposed.
Webs-e Hosting service transmits the E-mail about the service and service which restrict when a user wishs, and are offered to a user.
A user is MERINGU. Registration and distribution of a list can be canceled at any time. the case where a user wishes Webs-e Hosting service -- as long as -- the service to offer and other promotions, and support -- and -- The E-mail about service is transmitted to a user. A user is the time of registration procedure, use of the registration release option in a Webs-e Hosting service Web site, and a Webs-e Hosting service user manager.
Account By access to area, a setup of Webs-e Hosting service account information can be changed.

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